Invoicing and Payments Information

Streamlined Ops provides 3 ways to pay:

  • Automatic payment via direct debit or payment on stored card – via the Stripe payment platform
  • Invoiced payment request with accompaning link for payment – via the Stripe payment platform
  • Invoiced payment request with direct bank transfer details – PDF emailed to you

You tell us your preferred payment method at the time of contracting our services, and can change how you pay at any time by contacting us.

How do I know it’s you?

We will typically set up payments in the following way:

  • Within 48 hours of a confirmed order for work from us.
  • Routine monthly invoices, sent on or around the 1st of the month.

Bills will look like they come from us, but of course that doesn’t stop someone pretending to be us. If you ever receive an unexpected bill from us, please do not pay until you have spoken to us directly, either via email, chat or phone.

What if I have an issue with what I’ve been charged?

Please contact us first. If we requested payment in error we will make it right. If we believe the charges to be accurate we will respond giving our reasoning. You may if you prefer at this point follow the process outlined in the disputes clause in the contract we had you sign with us.

What if we dispute charges via our bank?

In the event that we’ve invoiced you and you have made a payment (either yourself or via automatic debit), and you refute those charges with your bank without contacting us, or allowing us time to investigate the charge, we reserve the right to immediately terminate all contracts with you to which the payment relates, and/or defending the payment to your bank.

Should we be at financial loss due to money being withheld by yourself or your bank, we reserve the right to seek to claim that back plus compensation through small claims courts.

Emails from Us

Emails from the and domains should come via AWS SES servers, and pass DMARC and SPF anti-spam measures. If you receive an email that meets all of these measures, yet you feel is spam, phishing or otherwise contrary to our relationship with you, please do email us and let us know. If you receive an email that does not meet the above, someone is pretending to be us and there is a limited amount we can do, but do still let us know.

In particular we will abide by your preference for communicating with you; if we’re being too spamy, let us know!

Emails we may send:

  • Marketing emails about products or services that we believe you would be interested in hearing about
  • Service information about products and services that you are receiving from us
  • General emails relating to the relationship between us