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This web site uses cookies and analytics to help us understand what our visitors are interested in. We do not collect any personally identifiable information on visitors simply browsing the web site, but we may be able to see what brought you to the site, what pages on the site you viewed and how long you spent on the pages you viewed.

Who we share this information with

The information is collected via, stored and processed on the Google Analytics platform.

How long we keep this information

We shall keep all non-personally identifiable information indefinitely.

Contact Form

This web site has a contact form that allows you to reach out to us if you’re interested in, or have questions about our products and services. By filling out the contact form you are agreeing to allow us to:

  • Store the information you provide, which may include personal information, on our systems for the purpose of communicating with you and forming a business relationship
  • Sending communications to you directly in relation to the communication you sent to us

Who we share this information with

We do not share this data with anyone.

How long we keep this information

We retain this information for as long as we have an active dialogue or business relationship. Should our discussion not result in a business relationship we shall destroy information within 12 months of the last communication, with the exception of any information we are required to keep for administrative, legal or security reasons.